2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy 1/2 Birthday Ellie Bell

Our little Ellie is 2 1/2 years old today! I don't normally celebrate half birthdays but Ellie has had to put up with allot since turning 2. She deserves some of the spotlight since her twin siblings were born just 8 days after her birthday. Needless to say mommy has been very busy nursing and taking care of the twins, and daddy has been especially busy with the new Prairie City Motocross Track, Ellie has learned allot about patience in her second year.
Here is what Ellie is up to lately:

  • She is newly potty trained, just in the last 2 weeks. We started an M&M for every potty and it worked like a charm in 1 day! This is only a full year after we first sat her on a potty, and she tricked us by going #1&#2 that first time.....

  • She counts to 11.

  • She sings her ABC's and Happy Birthday, "Favorite Things", Itsy Bitsy Spider, Ring Around the Rosie, and many more songs.

  • She loves to dress up, and changes her outfit at least 5 times a day. Her favorite thing to wear is a dress with tights, but if there are no clean tights then leggings will do.

  • She's very particular about which shoes she will wear and she has been putting them on by herself since she was 15months, although they are usually on the wrong feet!(When you tell her they're on the wrong feet she says "no" and wears them anyway.

  • She has an obsession with Caillou, a show on the Sprout network and asks to watch it about 100 times a day, knowing that we only watch it when she's had a bath and is in her nite-nite clothes.

  • Ellie is getting good at talking on the phone, she can hold a conversation and at the end she always says "bye bye", gives the phone a kiss, and throws her arms around the phone for a long tight hug, precious!

  • She loves to find "Bugs" but wouldn't dare touch one, she's been called a girly girl by her Grumpy Ed.

I could go on forever and ever because Ellie has so much personality and she steals my heart on a regular basis. I hope I can keep up on this blog with how fast she is growing and all the wonderful moments she brings us.

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