2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

Monday, August 16, 2010

Great Weekend

My mom has been spending every free second over here with babies, Ellie and I.  She leaves for Ireland soon so I think she's trying to bank up her baby time, and I have been welcome to all the help.  When she is here I am usually able to take a longer nap while she holds the babies off for as long as she can.  She also keeps my laundry going, does dishes, and makes my house look like 3 kids don't live here!  I'm very lucky to have such a helpful mother. 
This Saturday my and I took all three to the Nevada County Fair.  She had heard from a friend how nice of a fair it was so we went to check it out.  We got there early and brought our own lunch (don't worry we snuck in some fair-fare by the end of the day).  I couldn't have imagined how much Ellie would love a fair.  She grinned from ear to ear on every ride, especially the "very fast roller coaster" which she giggled the entire time.  I got sick on the Carousel, and got a rug burn on the speedy slide in the fun house, but we did it over and over again anyway.  I tried to hold onto her on every ride so that she couldn't accidentally slip under the bar, but she pushed my hand off and said she wanted to do it by herself, she's so darn independent!  Ellie also got to take her 1st pony ride, which also had her grinning the entire time.  My mom took lots of photos of us, and the babies were happy either people watching or sleeping the entire time.  The enjoyed babyfood at lunch time and each got to nurse during a "walking horse" exhibit that we watched.  We saw chicks being born out of eggs, eggs being layed, and cows pooping!(I add this only because this is inevitably a highlight that Ellie has already told Randi about!). 
I want to make it a yearly tradition and would love it if Scott could have seen the look on Ellie's face, or heard her laugh everytime the roller coaster turned the same corner! We'll have to schedule our races around the Nevada County Fair!
The plan was to back by naptime, but naptime was a gonner that Saturday and we came home just intime to meet Grandma Rita and Ellie's cousin Emmy for some play time.  I wish I had a picture because the girls were nude running around the backyard playing in the slip and slide.  Any excuse to be nude, Rita said Emmy would take it!!!  They colored, finger painted, blew bubbles, and went on a wagon ride before coming inside for storytime.  It was a funfilled day, and the girls are best of friends!  

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  1. YAY...for fun at the fair! I feel like you just steped into our world a little! YOU DID CHOSE THE BEST OF THE BEST! It is such a lovely fair with all of the big trees :) We sadly didn't make it because frankly I'm faired OUT! My husbands mother is the Director of Exibits for the Gold Country Fair & Placer County Fair (the AG part of it)....and a dear family friend is the Director of CAl-Expo...so needles to say we get into every CA. Fair for free (hint's why we go to so many)... If I only had to choose one it would be the Nevada County Fair!! I LOVE IT, your pictures are precious!