2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Read On!

I just finished another book! This one is called LOVE THE ONE YOUR WITH.  It took some patience and perseverance to get into it, but by chapter 5 I was hooked.  I totally recommend it, it's a romance, but in a daytime drama kinda way. 
Last week Ellie's daycare was closed, so I had to be very creative and plan lots of activities and day trips to keep us busy.  It seems that if we stay home and just go with the flow, then my house gets turned upside down, the babies cry all day, Ellie gets into everything she's not supposed to, and I end up yelling or frowning and just being in a terrible mood.  But if we plan out our days and keep on a tight schedule of constantly going places, running errands, meeting friends, taking lunch to daddy at work, or sneaking off to Sacramento or Roseville for the day, then everybody gets good and tired to nap and sleep well.  Twice, last week we walked to the park with Max and Randi.  Here are some pictures of Max and the babies getting to know eachother. 

Our week ended with Ellie's friends and our neighbor's fairytale themed birthday party on Saturday.  Ellie had been carrying around the invitation all week calling it her "ticket", and telling everyone she met (even the carryout at Bel Air) that she was going to a party that day.  So after at least 4 days of breaking her heart and telling her the party wasn't today.... we finally went to the party on Saturday!  Here are some pictures of the fun.

This morning my mom called and said she couldn't stay home because of all the noise at her house, they are replacing all there carpet with hardwood.  So I asked if she would like to go to the Zoo with us.  I wouldn't be able to go without help, and this would be the second time my mom has been with Ellie and I.  So, we packed a lunch and headed to the Sacramento Zoo.  Ellie is the perfect age for Fairytale Town, so we spent just a few minutes there and found a shady table to eat our lunch before heading over to the zoo.  Some of the animals were boring/not there, but we got really lucky and saw the mamma tiger with her new baby cub.  They were so cute and playful, this made the drowsy car ride (for me) and the lack of Ellie's nap worth it.  I'm once again trying to post a video, but can't figure it out : ( 
Oh Wait, I think I got it!!!

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