2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

Monday, February 20, 2012

Do your kids like zucchini?

I mean your preschool age kids? Mine have always been fabulous eaters but I think there is a point that even adventurous eaters become picky about green stuff.  So I know this idea about hiding good ole veggies in kids' meals is nothing new, but I wanted to show you just how easy it is.  At our house Mac n Cheese is always a hit (and kind of a staple). But it's far from a complete meal, so I add veggies,  but in a way that there is no getting around them.  They can't pick these shredded greens out and put them on their chair, or under their bowl, because they are tiny and they don't even notice them.  So I've done this with carrots and zucchini, and even mixed a ripe avocado into the cheese and milk mixture before.  Here it is with zucchini.
I use one small zucchini per box.

And while the water is boiling I use my food processor with the shredder attachment to grate the zucchini quickly.

Then I add the pasta to the water, and just before it is done (about 2 minutes before straining) I add the shredded veggies right on top of the pasta. Don't even mix them in, just let them sit on top. 
Then I strain and return to the pan (scrape the strainer for precious veggies that have fallen behind) add the sauce mixture like the box says, and VOILA!  (I added cubed avocado because they love it)

I know boiling veggies is not the best way, but it's better than no veggies at all!
Since I loathe getting out my Cuisinart and cleaning it, I usually shred a bunch at once to keep in the fridge and use throughout the week, in baked breads, quesadillas, eggs and of course more mac n cheese!

Here are my kiddos sick as dogs today, whining about everything, but not about dinner. They love it!

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