2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

6 months old Today!

The past 3 nights have been marvelous! Stella and Axl have slept from 11pm till 4 or 5am and then gone right back to sleep for another 3 and 4 hours! I know nothing is forever in babies' schedules, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is the new norm. I was so lucky when Ellie was a baby she slept 8+ hours at night from 6 months on, but she also took a bottle of formula, so that may be the difference.
I am still breastfeeding Stella and Axl and I am so proud of myself for it! I am pro-breastfeeding, and want to help all of my friends have the same wonderful experience that I am having now. It was extremely hard in the first 3 months and I had to overcome so many difficulties to make it to this point, but it was all worth it. Maybe someday when I have more time I can become a lactation consultant and help others too.
Scott and I are really enjoying our beautiful family, we were just saying how fun the babies are getting now. They like to just hang out, talk, smile, and giggle when we tickle them or make "popping" noises. Ellie is super fun, all sorts of funny things come out of her mouth. She likes to play hide and seek, and wants us to "bite her belly" all the time. She's always requesting just the right night night song, but not that one, "that's too old"!!
My favorite moment is when Scott comes home from a long day at work and picks Ellie up, she suddenly becomes coy and shy and tries her hardest to hold back a smile, but you can see her beaming underneath. Soon she's back to her silly self and pulling Scott here and there to show him her latest favorite toys.

At 6 months Axl and Stella are:
Rolling over both directions freely
Stella is sitting up alone for 15 seconds
Axl can move himself to a toy( or to Stella) on the floor, up to 4 ft
Stella giggles incessantly at Scott and I and especially Ellie
Axl is thrilled to see Stella next to him... she not as much!
They are both eating rice cereal, avocados, carrots, and sweet potatoes (all made by mommy)
They grasp and play with toys, rattles, and teethers
Lots of baby talk going on, goo goo, gaga, oo, ee, aa, ii and combinations of the two!!
Both are sleeping in 5 hour stretches and only waking up once each night

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  1. 6 months already! I can't believe how big they are getting! They are so cute. Isn't that the best feeling, waking up and realizing they have slept a long stretch!!