2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

Monday, July 19, 2010

Silly me!

Silly me for naming this blog "Davis Everyday"! I wish I could keep up with all the fun things that are going on around here.  But I can barely even turn my computer on these days, much less sit down and try to think of witty ways to recount my kids' cute antics.  Every day is more and more fun around here.  This is again my favorite age, the twins are 8 1/2 months and are learning new things daily.  Ellie is two and a half, and says the funniest things, and can melt my heart in a million ways!
I have been feeling guilty about not posting, mainly because at least 25 times a day they do something that deserves a mention or at least a picture.  But then tonight the last straw was when Ellie split her chin open.  I know this seems like an odd choice of moments to share but it was just so quintessential "childhood". She's fine by the way, she didn't even cry.  She was in the middle of eating dinner (or trying her hardest to get out of eating dinner) when she slid down under the table and bounced her little chin off of the bench seat OUCH!  Scott swooped her up and examined the damage, then coolly cleaned her up and bandaged the little slit that was left behind.  Dads are good in these situations. I would have had her waiting 3 hours at the urgent care for no reason what so ever. 
Some firsts:
Axl is a drummer... I think.  He bangs everything.  While Stella might be a scientist, or a photographer some day, she examines the details of all her toys and anything she can pick up.
Ellie is a certified letter "E" finder.  She can point out any E she sees, and she is always looking.  When she finds one, she says look mommy E for Ellie!
Axl and Stella are both pulling up to standing and doing it on everything.  I found out at a developmental assessment for their prematurity that standing up is counter productive in their development.  So out went the ottoman and the jumper and the excersaucer, and now I am trying to encourage more crawling, although the baby wants what the baby wants!
Poor Axl is getting 4 top teeth all at once! the two on the left popped through today and the other two are so close you can see them just underneath.
I could have sworn Axl said Bubba (abuba) today when he saw Pawco, our dog.  We call him Bubba too.  I'll see if it happens again tomorrow?!
Ellie is doing awesome in gymnastics, her teacher Miss Ashley recommended she move up to the 3-4yr class that is not a mommy and me class.  Ellie did really well (she's extremely independent) and it helped that I am now able to keep the babies happy during the class.
Stella is doing the worm all over the house! (something else I learned was a habit of preemies.)  I am supposed to try to hold her hips up in an effort to promote knee/ hand crawling. 
A first for me!... I read a book! Finished it in 3 days! "The Late Lamented Molly Marx"(have tissue ready). I couldn't put it down, that's why I don't usually allow myself the luxury of reading.  It completely consumes me.  But I really enjoyed my late night reading, my alternate reality, my alone time.  So I'm starting another.


  1. Wow!! You have been up to a lot. I check Davis Everyday everyday and was so excited for the new post!!! Hope Ellie is ok. The babies are awesome, Pawco is still my fav, and I too am ready to start a new book, maybe I will give your a try! You are amazing mama!!!

  2. I was wondering what you were up to! Your kids are growing so fast. I have to say that I hope Stella is a photographer some day! That would be fun... Your kids are all amazing, and I think they are all too smart for their own good! You will have to make sure to post while I am in Ireland so I can keep updated!

  3. I am in awe of your ability to read a book! I don't think I read one the whole time my kids were little - just magazines! That can't be true, but I remember it that way! Keep up the alone time, it's not just a luxury. xoxox