2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A few highlights

I wanted to share some of the pictures I've taken lately, Just random pics of the things going on...
This is Lauren Struckmeyer, she has been helping me with the babies while my mom is in Ireland.  It is so refreshing to have a babysitter capable of watching all three and getting them bathed and to bed.  We put Lauren to the test last week when Scott and I went on a "real date" (we didn't wait for the babies to fall asleep before we left).  Lauren did awesome and Ellie and the babies love her!  Here's Axl with his food mustache too..

These pics are from our Sunday family day in Chico.  Scott took the day off from the tracks and we decided to visit Zach and Ashley for lunch in Chico.  We got there a couple hours early and drove to Bidwell Park and visited the kids play area.  Ellie loved it, it was really perfect for her age.  She is so outgoing, she walks up and talks to all the kids and wants to play with anyone.  I think she gets this great attitude from Scott, since I'm more on the shy side.
My mom usually goes to see my Grandma (Nani) everyday, so while she is in Ireland, I have been going with the babies as much as possible.  If there is time before her rigid eating schedule I'll usually ask Nani to go run errands with me or come over to my house.  I took this picture today at the Courtyards where she lives right before her lunch time.  Then I nursed (hence the shirt!!) the babies in her room before loading them up and going to the carwash and enjoying a to go lunch while the babies napped.  It was a pretty good morning!
This was the product of an afternoon of baking and cooking.  I brought Nani over to the house this past Monday to help keep the babies busy while I made homemade family salsa, chopped and diced for a pasta sauce, and made this peach pie.  It's far from perfect looking, but it was pretty in a rustic way! It was the delicious end to dinner with our friends the Atondos later that night.  (oh yeah, I even had Nani peeling peaches, which she said she really enjoyed!)

No pictures to post, but yesterday my Aunt Karen came down from GrassValley to help me and spend time with Ellie and the babies.  Thank you Karen, you were a big help, and we had lots of fun at the park and the Sutter Memorial Museum.

Baby happenings....
Axl is getting yet another tooth.  It is his lower left side just past the two middle ones he allready has! (Stella acts like she's teething, but still no showing)
Axl is a climber, he climbs over anything and everything and stands on top of his musical chair until it topples over on top of him at least 3 times a day!
Axl is one smiley guy! Everyone who meets him says what a great smile he has and notices how he's always smiling, while Stella is normally more stone faced.
Stella clapped for the first time on Monday with Nani, but hasn't done it since. She is really good at mimicking sounds and actions.
Stella loves to give kisses.  Mostly to Omi and me.  Sometimes she'll pull away from nursing and climb up and give my a kiss on the lips.  It melts my heart, she's falling in love just like me : )
Ellie said something cute the other day.  We were driving into the E Street Parking lot during a race, so there were alot of people walking around.  From the back seat Ellie said: "Be careful mommy, don't step on any peoples with our car". She's so cute and concerned!
Ellie can now get herself on and off the regular adult toilet.  Though she sometimes prefers to use her little potty.  I'm so thankful for her being potty trained.

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  1. Awww, I love the photos, Lindsay. I hope Wiggle Worm, The Charmer, and Poo Poo are behaving ;). xoxo