2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stella's First

Stella had her first tantrum today.  She's 14 months old, that's a little late by Ellie's standards! But today when I told her no to going up the slide (we have a small plastic one I set up in the living room) and showed her how to go around to the steps, she broke down in real tears and hyperventilating sobs.  I walked her around and up the steps only to have the hysterics start again the moment she got to the bottom and tried to go back up the slide.  BTW, I'm a stickler about no going up the slide. I've noticed that some moms don't care at the park, but I do, it prevents some pretty nasty injuries to the face and back of the head.  I probably got this obsession from going with my mom to her Kindergarten class as a kid and watching what would happen to the kids who didn't follow direction.  Anyway, Stella was very tired from having her nap cut short by a babbling brother, and she was relentlessly stubborn! I couldn't help but laugh, but she still got a time out(less than a minute) and one more lesson on how to do it right.  This pic isn't even from today, but you get the idea!
  Axl has been loving big sissy's old pink and purple quad.  He figured out how to push the red power button immediately (far sooner than Ellie did) and he rocks back and forth to make it go faster! I think he's got some Speedy Scotty in him!

We took Ellie on a date last night, daddy and mommy and Ellie!  She was so excited to wake up from Nap and learn that the sitter was there for the babies but not her!  Her "prize"(surprise) was that she was going to dinner and a movie with just us.  We went to Marcello's for a romantic dinner; they're lighting was annoyingly low, but dinner was lovely. Then we hit the theater for popcorn and Tangled.  Ellie never took her eyes off the screen and ate popcorn while holding her "bobby" (blanket) the whole time.  She could use a few more viewings to really grasp the story, but this morning she said "I really enjoyed that mubie last night mommy, except for the bad guys, I didn't like them, they were mean".  Here she is, my beautiful girl happy as a clam in her ballet clothes laying in the middle of our entry reading books.  She's my little bookworm :)

Stella is cutting her top side teeth (to the sides of her front teeth)
Axl is cutting his bottom molars (ouch!)
Ellie stopped going to daycare.  She has been home since the first of the year and I think she misses the activities so I'm trying to keep our schedule full with babybootcamp classes and playdates with friends.  When we move to Lincoln, I'll be looking for a preschool to start Ellie in.

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