2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

Thursday, January 27, 2011

D Land

Here is Ellie's version of the events....

"I saw two Goofy's, I saw Minnie Mouse.  I didn't see Donald in his house, I saw his bed but it was closed. I got on the roller coaster and the tea cups.  I went on Alice and wonderland. Pinnochio was really scary, there was a monster and they said " you are almost home".  The Pirates were really scary. I got Tangled hair. I saw Ariel, and Belle. She had a yellow dress and a blue dress."

This week for one day only, Scott and I took just Ellie to Disneyland for her fist time! My mom watched Stella and Axl, and they didn't even notice we were gone.  We were actually gone for 2 nights, we left on Sunday night, spent Monday in the Parks, ate breakfast on Tuesday in Goofy's kitchen, then got to the airport by noon. We truly had a "magical" time.  Ellie is in Awe of all the princesses, and she got to have face time with almost all of them (we didn't see Cinderella or Snow White).  We stayed at the gorgeous and convenient Grand Californian, and mostly spent our day in Fairytale land, Toontown, and New Orleans square.  We loved the train that takes you around the park.  Scott had hurt his knee the day before we left and the train was a good way for him to rest while we scoped out our next adventure.  The only "adult" ride we went on was Soaring over California first thing because for GC guests they opened it up 30 minutes before everything else.  The weather was beautiful, and after nap time we met our good friend Kramer for dinner in downtown Disney at the Rainforest Cafe (thanks for the idea Melissa, Ellie loved the animals). Before going to bed, we caught the World of Color water and light show, and it gave me goose bumps! We had a fabulous time. We have memories to last a lifetime, but we will be back when the twins turn 3. Next time we will stay 3 days for sure!

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