2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

Friday, January 28, 2011

They're growing up and I want it to stop!

Everyone is growing and maturing around here and I'm a little bit saddened by it.  I guess that's just the way it goes, but I know what's coming and it's that my babies are going to be all grown up.  There wont be anymore slobbery kisses, naked jay birds running around, dancing in the living room, I wuv you's, "Yook at me's", office helpers, diapers(this one I could do without!), and all the other great stuff that I get to be apart of everyday.  I know I am getting ahead of myself, but seriously it's like they get bigger by the minute.  I really wish someone would invent a time machine, because I would feel so much better about this whole growing up thing if I knew I could come back and enjoy them just the way they are now.... and of course if I could have that then I'd also spend some time with my dad again too!

Back to reality.  Today was gymnastics for Ellie, and since she was the only one there her teacher, Miss Jenny let Stella and Axl come onto the floor too.  We all had so much fun bouncing on the trampoline, and crawling all over.  After that I got to grocery shop alone.  What a luxury! I dropped the kids off at Omi's house while I did a leisurely 1 hour shop at Bel Air.  
I picked up lots of gluten free foods because I'm doing an experiment on Axl.  Axl has had extremely bad reflux ever since he was born and now it is more like frequent vomiting.  My mom suggested I look into Celiac disease and so I thought I'd try a wheat free diet for a day.  Axl ate entirely wheat free on Wednesday, then on Thursday I gave in and gave him a few gold fish with his lunch.  After lunch he took a nap and woke up crying and had what looked like bug bites on his cheek.  He had a wheat free snack, and then we were headed over to Randi's for a walk and Ellie shared her tortilla with the babies.  When I got Axl out of the car, I noticed that the "bug bites" were now all over his other cheek and neck and ears.  My initial thought was chicken pox but after a call to his doctor that was ruled out.  Anyways, I'm completely rambling, (but this will be a good timeline of events to help diagnose later on) and after going wheat free again at dinner, then having him wake up with the spots gone, only to return after a breakfast that included crepes.  I think I'm onto something.  So starting tomorrow, Saturday, Axl is going on a wheat free diet.  I'd love to hear if anybody else has any experience with food allergies.  I will keep you updated as to what happens.

They're growing too fast, yook:
Stella is a talker, saying words like: mama, dada, baby, boo (peek-a-), baba(bottle), ni-ni (night night).
Axl makes a vroom vroom sound when Scott talks about motorcycles or shows them to him in the garage
Ellie had her first Pull-Up free night last night....and didn't have an accident!!! (Scott got her up to go potty at 3:30am, and then got her up at 7am and still no accidents! AMAZING!)
Axl is a genorous kisser, just say bye bye and he puckers up.  Then he'll get in the kissing mood and kiss me at least 5 times in a row! I love it!
                 Ellie, 6 weeks
Stella and Axl almost 1 month

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