2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sicky..... Again!

It feels like an often reocurring theme in my life, I'm either sick, getting sick, or getting better. But very few of my days are spent feeling good and healthy?! My new doctor, Dr. Stocker reccomended a simple blood test to check my overall health, but I have to feel better first before I can get one, ugh. I feel like this all started right before I had the Twins, which could just point to the fact that I am run down and exhausted I guess.  While breastfeeding I got mastitis like 8 times, and had many other bouts with fever and complete exhaustion.  I thought that I would feel better after ending my full time double breastfeeding schedule, but I have been sick an average of 2-3 times a month since ending breastfeeding 3 months ago.  And I've had countless rounds of antibiotics and usually end up needing two rounds to get rid of each infection.  Right now I'm on my second round of antibiotics for bronchitus.  Anyway, I just needed to complain and vent about feeling sick of being sick! 
Since I'm feeling so awful today I wasn't able to go to the house with Scott to see the finished product of the floors today :( But Scott called to say they look awesome (and the paw prints from Pawco accidently walking on them yesterday barely show!!)  The Bobergs flooring guys even brought by another client to check out the look for their house! And I'm also missing the delivery of our bedroom furniture from Macy's :(
Here is the Chest, we have matching nighstands too! I'm looking forward to having drawers in our room, we haven't had ANY since our first house on Arden Way.
But don't think I'm getting any rest.... with three under 4 I'm still a full time mom even when I feel like this!

Here are some recent random pictures.
Did I tell you that Stella chipped her front tooth!  Our first night in our new house she broke it on our tub surround. It's a good thing she has so much personality. JK!
My sweet little Axl, always up to no good! But don't worry Stella is already tattling...she points at brother and says "UhOh" to tell on him.
The old kitchen floors. What a job to remove these!
Scott doing demo in his Citizen's. Funny, and kinda hot! hehe
Axl in his tuxedo t shirt from here, his golf inspired cardigan Omi got him in SF, and his chinos from Max Item's closet!, and ofcourse his Ugg's from Aunt Ann in SB, here is her Salon if you need a new do!
My little bookworm. I love it when she walks to me with a book and turns herself around and sits in my lap saying "puk". So sweet.  It also makes me feel guilty for the time I was able to spend with Ellie reading everyday, and the few moments I'm able to spend with Stella.  Axl however could care less about "puks"  he won't sit still or focus on the pages for more than a minute...more guilt!
My constant climbers, and fallers!
My Poser/Ballerina/Gymnast/Princess

My atempt at getting my own picture on my blog!


  1. LOVE this post... Hate that you have been sick so much! I do hear great things about Dr. Stocker though :)
    All of this new house stuff is so exciting... can't wait to see more & more of it!!!

  2. I hope that you start to feel better soon. We are just getting over the flu here so I know how that goes. Addison would just sit on his bed in his room, yell for me and I would walk in and notice he had thrown up everywhere...not fun!
    I can't wait to see pictures of your house and the floors, they sound so neat!
    Can't believe how big the kids are getting, they are just adorable!