2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

Thursday, April 14, 2011


First off, let me apologize for not posting in so long. We are officially moved in to our new home in Lincoln, however we don't have cable, Internet, or even my computer... The E Street office is still set up in Yuba City. So I am writing this from my IPad.
This is a very important night and I didn't want to miss journaling it on my blog. Tonight I put Axl down in his own room for the very first time. Ack! I think I've been more apprehensive about this than necessary but It feels like a big decision in their little lives. Some Twins are still sharing a bed at this age. I knew I wanted them to have their own rooms, (that was one of my requirements in the house hunt) but I wasn't sure when would be the best time to do it. My mom stayed the night last night and helped organize the kids' rooms and closets all day, so with Axl's new room all set up and cute I thought tonight was as good as any to split them up. Big night at the Davis', we'll see how it goes!

Axl started saying "mama", he says other words too now, but this week when I heard him practicing MAMA my heart melted.
Stella is sassy, she screams a lot, and she hits sometimes too :(. But she can give the best hugs and kisses if you catch her in the right mood. She dances all over and mimics everything we do. She and Ellie are becoming best buds and they play very well.
Ellie is loving preschool. She is making new friends. Today was her Easter party at preschool, and on the way she told me "I just love you so much mommy I need to give you a big giant hug" and then I caught her smiling in my rear view and I asked " what are you so happy about? She said "I just love a party!". She makes me happy:)

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  1. I can understand your dilemma of not knowing when the right time is! No worries, though. You've already thought of this through and it's just the new setup that makes you feel uncomfortable at first. But you'll get the hang of it. So how's the new house? I take it that you've already settled completely.