2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Juice Plus and little Mittzi

I started taking Juice Plus almost a year ago because I had heard and seen the benefits after my grandma had a doctor recommend that she take it for overall health and to combat her symptoms of dementia.  Because my mom and my grandma take it too I became a distributor. I've never started anyone else on it yet but I do like to spread the news about all the benefits. So I thought I'd put a link to my davisfamilychewsjuiceplus.com website here where you can look at all the studies that back the brand. Plus in the top right hand corner there is a link to a great video from a Lifetime morning show where Juice Plus was featured for supporting children's healthy eating habits.  They are not called a multivitamin because they really do so much more, they are called "real food nutrition" because they actually condensing the nutrients from all the foods you should be consuming daily but don't have the time or palette for into a concentrated capsule or chewie.  My kids all eat the chewies and love them.  We all really have been more healthy since we started them and I feel comforted knowing that even when Axl doesnt finish the greens on his plate at least he got all the same vitamins,minerals,  antioxidants and phytonutrients (enough for more than 7 servings of vegies) from his garden blend juice plus chewie.  Our immunities to common colds are the obvious difference that I've seen, just less sickness than the average family.  I can get you a sample of the chewies if you are interested or you can try them if you're ever over at our house. 

We got a new puppy this week! Ever since Nina died 3 years ago in August we have been shy to talk about getting a new dog.  Nina was the best dog, she is Pawco's mama and she was Scott's best friend and my companion.  She would lick my tears when I cried and while I breastfed Ellie she would sit guard by my side and keep visitors from coming too close.  She taught Pawco how to be gentle with Ellie and she showed him how to behave in our family.  He was so lucky to always have his mama by his side and was visibly depressed when she passed.  Because she was such a big part of our family we didn't want to replace her in any way so we waited.  But now that Pawco is well into old age (he is almost 12 and 10 is a long life for a boxer) we wanted to get a new family dog that can be our protector and our friend for the next 10 years.  And we want Pawco to show her the ropes. The breeder we found is awesome, she is extremely into her breed and she shows 3 boxers of her own.  She never breeds a boxer who has a genetic deficiency and the Dam and Sire are her own.  We decided to get a girl so that a few years down the road she can have a litter and we can bring another boxer into our family.  Boxers are great family dogs, they are people dogs, they have a ton of energy and need to be exercised daily. I feel like I'm going through new motherhood again with the nighttime whining and potty trips and all the work that proper training takes.  Wish us luck as our family has grown again!  Here is Mittzi (she is named partly after her four mitted paws and partly for my best friend Jordan's grandma who's name has always been a favorite of mine).

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