2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mom's comment

I just read the earlier post comment from my mom and want to respond but thought I'd just as well make a new post.
Thanks mom, that was a sweet thing that I think we both wish for. We can only believe that he is seeing it all! But I really feel that I am keeping his memory alive for them, I know that through them I have become so much more in touch with my own loss and what it did to me. I'm so happy that we have you in our lives, and I couldn't ask for a better relationship for them with their grandmother. I love to see their happiness and excitement for every moment they spend with you. And that is true for Nani too, and grandma Rita. They love all their grandma's!

Please take care of yourself mom, Stella, Axl, and Ellie love you so.
Also, So much has changed and I haven't been keeping track : (  Here is a tidbit:
Stella is talking in long sentences her favorite thing to say now is "you're chubby", I don't think she knows exactly what she's saying, she probably thinks it's endearing since she hears it from us just before we kiss her belly or pinch her butt cheeks!!
I overheard Ellie calling to Axl when he wasn't listening to her directions when building a fort "Axl Micole!" It's the funniest thing because I use middle names when they are in trouble and Ellie uses Stell'as middle name for both Axl and Stella but she says M for N.
Axl can ride a razor scooter! I mean really ride it, he pushes around with one foot and is even starting to take his pushing foot off the ground and try to balance for a few seconds. I just think he's so coordinated! 

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