2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

2011 when we first got Mitt-Z

Friday, May 28, 2010

Pickle Hugs

Ellie is the cutest little 2 year old I've ever known! She's had quite a fun week. On Monday we decided against driving out of town to vacation and instead spent the entire day together with Scott at home and around town. This probably sounds like any other weekend to most of you, but Scott works 7 days a week and maybe takes 2 weekend days off a year including Christmas! So Monday was our one-day family vacation, all together, all day!
We had fun going out to breakfast at Linda's, going to the park by our old house off of Little John, going to lunch/ice cream at Togos/Baskin Robins, looking at a possible new car at Wheeler Auto(Ellie actually really enjoyed climbing around in the cars!), and Dinner at Froy's (Salsa's on Stabler). It was a great day.
Then Ellie spent the next night at Omi and Papas house, she doesn't miss us at all when she's there, we miss her a bunch. She ended up spending the day with Omi, and came home for a nap and spent the rest of her evening with mommy and daddy. Then on Wednesday she had gymnastics, but I couldn't take her because the babies were still sleeping in from a 7 1/2 hour nights sleep!!!!! Omi came and took her to gymnastics, then back to Omi's house for another fun day of dressing up in Omi's clothes! She came home just in time to see daddy before her nap, (he was home because of the freak thunder storm, CRAZY) and woke up to a yummy early dinner that I had thrown in the crockpot earlier that day. It was still raining hard outside so we deemed it a movie night and cuddled up for Tinkerbell on the couch (if only the babies felt like cuddling, they were fussy, fussy, fussy). I think Ellie's favorite part of the movie is the very beginning of all Disney movies when they show the castle and write DISNEY in front of it, she screams out and points and says "look, it's Disneyland. I yuv Disneyland"! So cute!
I french braided Ellie's hair for the first time before she went to bed. Today Ellie woke up in a great mood, asked to watch Caillou, ate a good breakfast of "mommy's cereal" then got dressed in her pink maxi dress with leggings and a pink flower in her crimped hair!
-I love this little girl so much. I give her "big ole' hugs" and she calls them "pickle hugs".

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